AboutUsWe are a family owned graphic design and content company.

Established in 1992, we serve a wide variety of clients in many states and countries across dozens of industries. We work locally and globally with businesses in multiple markets and we are here to work for you.

Our primary goal is to get to know YOU and YOUR needs and then put together a plan to meet them. No matter how small or large the project may be!

To accomplish the goal of serving you, each member of our team does what they do well—under the direction of senior designer and art director, Stan Griffin.

Things you can count onHandShakeIcon:

  • We won’t push a design on you that you don’t love.
  • We won’t try to up-sell you on products or services that you don’t need or want. So, while we might tell you about options, we won’t push you to spend your money on unnecessary upgrades that break your budget.
  • We don’t host websites or sell printing services. We don’t make money on the number of copies you need or want, paper sizes, or any other aspect of the final product, so we can offer you objective advice based on our extensive knowledge of the industry. We help you find the best type of printer for your project, but we don’t make anything from your agreement with them.
  • We won’t bombard you with mailers, emails, coupons or any other marketing tactic. If you choose, from time to time we may send you an email with information about changes in the industry that may affect your business. For example, if we know paper prices are going up, we may let you know so that you can print ahead and maybe save some money. If we hear that certain marketing efforts are having success, we’ll pass that information on to you. If new practices will improve your website, we’ll share those with you. Interested? Just mention our mailing list in the comments when you Contact Us!
  • We post information on our website blog that is helpful to small businesses. If you want to subscribe to our blog, you can do that here…
  • Our offices are located in Missouri, Texas and California, and our clients come to us from all over North America and several countries globally. We WILL gladly connect with you wherever you are to meet your project goals.
  • We WILL give you excellent service. We’ll work hard to create designs and layouts that work for you. We’ll give your ideas voice, give form to your imagination, and convey your brand through what we design for you.


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