Gentlemen and Ladies, Start Your Engines … Indy 500 2014

Gryphix Creative Hero Card
Buddy Lazier Autographing Hero Cards at 2013 Indy 500

Indy 500 Great Buddy Lazier Hero Card in Gasoline Alley—

2014 Indianapolis 500

Once again, Gryphix Creative is pleased to play a small part in the Indy 500. As in 2013, our client, the Synergy Group, a sponsor of Buddy Lazier’s Indy car, (Lazier Partners Racing) tasked us with designing the Hero Card available for autographs on Gasoline Alley. In addition to the Hero Card, the Synergy Group logo (a Gryphix Creative design) graced the 2013 transmission gearbox housing (behind the driver’s seat toward the rear—see area circled on image).

Photo by Daniele Sanfilippo May 23, 2013

 Primary partners, Herman Miller and Phillips Energy Partners, sponsor the No. 91 University of Iowa’s Stephen A. Wynn Institute for Vision Research race car. The Vision Research Center specializes in designing cures for rare, inherited retinal diseases. Vision research is closet to home for the Laziers since twelve-year-old daughter of Buddy and Kara Lazier, Jacqueline, was born with Aniridia—a rare eye disorder characterized by complete or partial absence of the iris—and glaucoma, and experienced vision loss in her right eye.

Wynn Iowa Vision Research Logo

Quoted in IndyCar News, Bob Lazier said, “We are a team that is going to take our experience racing for championships and apply that leadership to make great things happen for well-meaning organizations that support great causes. Our support of the University of Iowa’s Stephen A. Wynn Institute for Vision Research is personal to our family and right in line with the goals and purpose of our team. We want to win on the track, and we want to help people achieve their goals every day off the track.”

Buddy Lazier HeroCard Proof 8.pdf-1
2013 Indy 500 Buddy Lazier Hero Card

Last year, the Buddy Lazier Hero Card we designed garnered tremendously positive feedback on Gasoline Alley. Today, you might find autographed versions of the 2013 card up for bid on eBay.

As of Sunday, May 18, 2014 the Lazier Partners Racing—Wynn Iowa Vision Research car successfully completed time trials and is in the race.

If you attend the 2014 Indianapolis 500, visit Gasoline Alley and have Buddy autograph one (or two) of the Hero Cards we designed. If you send an autographed one back to us, we’ll give you a discount on your next Gryphix Creative project.

Or, send us a photograph of Buddy’s car with the Synergy Group logo clearly visible and we’ll extend the discount to your next Gryphix Creative project. Thanks to the Synergy Group for asking us to share in their Indy 500 bid.

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