Investing Time & Energy into Email Marketing is Still Worth It

email-on-computer-mdWith the advent of social media many marketing professionals developed the impression that email marketing is no longer effective and time is better spent on Facebook, Twitter and the like. Today, in an interview with Small Business Trends, Patrick Trip (of Adobe) shares why email is just as important today as it ever was.

3 Reasons Email Marketing Remains Relevant & Effective

# 1 ROI

“Email ROI (return on investment) is up around $39.40 per email, for business email specifically, according to a study done by the Direct Marketing Association.”

# 2 Editable Content

“A big focus for marketers is now on personalization and relevant in-context content that can be served to consumers and businesses at the right time. That being delivered in real time through transactional messaging is what we call real-time inbox. That’s essentially delivering an email and then perhaps, a day later, changing the content of that email after it’s been delivered.

So it might be sitting in your inbox for a few days, and you have an offer around golf clubs and maybe it’s a sunny sort of imagery, and then maybe it’s raining the next few days. We have the opportunity to change the imagery and offer within that email, based on weather or contextual data, through testing or other information we capture.

Being able to change that experience on the fly is providing a lot of new opportunities for business and consumers.”

# 3 Customers Get to be In Charge of Their Email Experience

“It’s all about putting the customer in charge of their experience and providing personalized offers and experiences. We really believe in this concept of being preference-centered. Being able to move beyond the simple unsubscribe button to having an unsubscribe landing page that you can manage. It might allow a consumer to opt down instead of opting out, or opt up depending on their interests.

Being able to give them more control over the experience is a better way to engage in a conversation with a consumer.”

Smart Phone Excitement.svg.medTop 5 Email Marketing Tactics to Learn About & Implement

We checked out the Adobe Campaign Guide for ourselves and found some great insight Adobe has to offer.

#1 Track the Customer Lifecycle

Consider what relationship stage you’re at with the customer. Are they an active customer? Are they a loyal customer? Are they not yet a customer? Did they used to be a customer but haven’t interacted with you in a while?

Consider triggered emails and remarketing to stay in touch with your customers and keep your relationship on a positive upswing.

#2 Understand & Exploit Key Moments

Think about the best moment to capture your customer’s attention. When do they make a  purchase? When did they sign up for a program? When do they shop but don’t buy? Consider what touch points you have with your customers and create personalized communications to get more out of those moments. 

***Here Adobe warns us to be careful not to over do it. “Customers receive volumes of unwanted email, sometimes even from brands they love. You can use fatigue rules to take heed: When they don’t respond to a certain number of emails, adjust the channel and frequency of your communication.

#3 Remarketing 

“Placing an item in a cart can represent an important step along an often circuitous purchase path. Customers abandon merchandise to the tune of approximately $4 trillion each year. One survey determined that as much as $2.65 trillion, or 63%, of that abandoned value could be reclaimed.

Remarketing, sometimes called retargeting, is one of the biggest opportunities for revenue gain. Remarketing isn’t limited to abandoned shopping carts—you can also remarket to those who have completed purchases with related offers and products.”

#4 Create Personalized Experiences for Your Customers in 3 steps:

  1. Targeting using 360-degree customer view. Capture preferences, actions, interested, etc., by tracking customer information through your website, social media & other marketing channels.
  2. Giving customers control over their experience. Consider creating preference options for your customers in addition to the simple unsubscribe option. By giving your customers more choice you can decrease the chances they’ll opt out, allowing them to opt-down or customize.
  3. Adapt content for each customer and each experience — & Personalize! Forget spray and pray, take the time to gather your information, test your content and let your customers know you care by personalizing your offers for them. Also consider additional personalization through the real-time inbox discussed above.

#5 Use Responsive Design

Utilizing an email program that allows you to build responsive designs is of the utmost importance. Adobe tells us that the majority of people (80%) will delete emails that don’t look good when they open them on their preferred device and that 18% will actually unsubscribe. Creating campaigns that remain attractive from desktop/laptop to tablet to phone will increase your response rate.

Getting the most out of email marketing will require a higher investment of your time and a  higher investment in creative energy, but studies show the rewards are well worth it. A great way to facilitate this marketing investment is to reuse creative across all your marketing channels.

We suggest you set up a meeting with your creative team to discuss the best way to create easily reusable materials you can make the most of. If you don’t have a creative team but want to invest more of your time into campaign management we’re happy to help develop creative content development strategies that remain cost effective and have multi-channel usability.

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Check out Small Business Trends article along with the full interview with Patrick Trip!

Investing Time & Energy into Email Marketing is Still Worth It
Insight on email marketing brought to you by Adobe Campaign and Small Business Trends interview with Patrick Trip.

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