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Samples produce sales!

In our final look at what the USPS has to offer small businesses, let’s check out how you can send samples through the direct mail to your customers.

First off, here are some statistics the U.S. Postal Service cites from All About Sampling & Demonstrations, by Averbook, Brown, and Karolesfski regarding samples:

  1. Customer reach. Product samples reach up to 70 million consumers QUARTERLY. That’s a lot of potential customers. Of course, you’re probably not going to send out 70 million samples yourself … you’d need a bigger garage or storage room! But, it does tell you that samples are a viable marketing tool!
  2. Customer engagement. According to the USPS, two out of every three potential consumers (that’s 67%) accept a product sample when offered. We know this is true … after all, we graze our way through Sam’s Club or Costco on samples, have our hands moisturized by the lotions and potions kiosk as we stroll through the mall, and come home from trade shows, conventions and fairs with bags full of samples.
  3. Customer retention. 50% of consumers that try a sample plan to make a future purchase.
  4. Customer conversion. After trying a sample, 92% of potential customers end up purchasing the product.

Secondly, many consumers prefer to try samples at home … in fact, the USPS cites a 2009 Arbitron Study showing that most consumers prefer to sample at home. Of course, there are many samples they would only try at home—hair products, skin care, breakfast foods—you get the idea! Sending direct mail samples to the place where your customer makes decisions (their home, business, etc.) may persuade a potential customer to become an actual customer.

How can USPS® help?

Send samples in the mail using one of the USPS parcel programs.
Send samples in the mail using one of the USPS parcel programs.

Attaching a sample to your direct mail pieces, or sending a trial size using one of the USPS parcel programs is an innovative way to reach your target customers. You can send direct mail samples a variety of ways:


How can Gryphix Creative help?

We’ll design collateral, logos, coupons, flats, matching web ads and descriptive materials to send with your direct mail samples or publish online. Let us know when you want the samples in the hands of your consumers. We’ll help you set a timeline to get your print materials and web ads ready to go when your samples are ready to ship.

Contact us today to get started on your direct mail samples  in time for the holiday rush!

Using Direct Mail Samples
The USPS has many options for getting samples into the hands of your customers. Check out these options for direct mail samples. We can help you create collateral for your direct mail sample campaign.

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